The Revolution Will Vanquish All

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Nancy Naser Al Deen is a Lebanese designer / urban researcher based in Berlin, where she is currently pursuing her masters in urban management. She graduated from the American University in Cairo with an architecture degree. Nancy worked and was part of projects with different collectives in Cairo and Beirut including CLUSTER, Ashkal Alwan, and Public Works Studio. She works as a freelance graphic designer on different projects related to gender and feminism. She is mostly interested in the politics of bodies in space.

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Nancy Naser Al Deen. "The Revolution Will Vanquish All". Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research Vol. 5 No. 3 (18 December 2019): pp. 20-20. (Last accessed on 27 September 2023). Available at:

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This illustration is a collage of doodles I found myself scribbling in my notebook as I sit in my class in Germany and my head wanders to Beirut, unable to dissociate reality from delirium. Here I illustrate phrases and images from Beirut streets that constantly resonate with me.