Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines for Authors:

For the “Articles” section, Kohl considers unpublished manuscripts of research that critically engage with existing literature and theories.

For other sections, Kohl considers opinion pieces, testimonies, commentaries, conversations, interviews, literary pieces, creative pieces, and audiovisual material that contribute to a body of feminist knowledge in local platforms.

The submitted manuscripts and pieces should not be under consideration at another publication platform, nor should they be submitted simultaneously to another journal. Our journal welcomes work in progress, with a word count of 4000-8000 words for research articles, and 1000-4000 for all other pieces.

Following a selection by our editorial board, all of the pre-selected manuscripts of research are subjected to a blind peer review process. Our team works closely with the authors of the pieces accepted for inclusion via Skype and e-mail.

Authors also have the option to send their manuscripts and pieces to the Kohl team before formal submission and peer review for comments and feedback. They can do so at least a month before the deadline of the call for papers they would like to submit to, and by e-mailing us a draft at

Online submission:

Please submit your manuscript by e-mailing it to as a .doc or .docx file.
Submissions are free of charge.
You have the option to submit more than one paper per call, but please note that we select a maximum of one paper per author per issue.


All pieces should be emailed separately as a single Microsoft Word (doc. or docx.) file. The Word document should be completely blinded: any reference to the author’s name or contact should be removed. Authors will be asked to fill their information separately on the online form before uploading a document.

Each research manuscript should include the following:
1- A cover page that contains:
a) The title of the manuscript
b) An abstract that does not exceed 200 words
c) 4 to 6 keywords
2- The body of the paper
3- Bibliographical references
4- (Optional) Appendices, charts, and tables, if any.

All other pieces should include the following:
1- The title of the piece
2- The body of the piece
3- Bibliographical references, if any.


While we are flexible with length, we consider that a complete draft for research manuscripts would range between 4000 and 8000 words, including the title, abstract, keywords, footnotes, references, appendices, and any additional reference.
All other pieces could fall anywhere between 1000 and 4000 words, including the title, footnotes, bibliography, and any additional reference.

Style and References: 

Style is left to the convenience of the author, provided a single style is adopted and followed in a consistent manner.
In addition to the above mentioned guidelines for style, reference style for bibliographies and works cited should include the following: the name of the author, the title of the piece, the source (book, journal, periodical, etc…), the year of publication, and the publisher.

Accepted languages of submission:

We accept manuscripts in Arabic, English, and French.
Please note that the manuscripts accepted for inclusion will be published in two languages: its original language of submission, and a second language:
If you submit your paper in English or French, our team will translate it to Arabic.
If you submit your paper in Arabic, our team will translate it to English.