Rebecca Saab Saadeh

It took me ten years to graduate with a B.A. in Biology from the Lebanese University, so in the meantime, I became part of the founding team of Meem (2008-2013), The Feminist Collective (2009-2010) which would later become Nasawiya, and Qorras (2014-2019). I currently work as the coordinator and editor-in-chief of Sayaran, a project implemented by Hivos. I began translating out of necessity back in 2009 and haven’t stopped since. What started as a need soon grew into a passion for Arabic language(s), its forms, mutations, history, and how different people relate to it differently. Nowadays, I spend my free time getting lost in books, pondering the machinations of movement building, writing ambitious projects I will (never) publish, and reclaiming my Arabic language, one word at a time.