Kholood Salam

Kholood Salam is an academic and researcher in the field of new media, she is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad and an instructor at the Department of Information at the Farabi University College. She is interested in electronic media research and the influence of modern technologies in Iraqi society in general and amongst youth in particular. Her research interests include women and peaceful coexistence in Iraqi society. She is active in Iraqi political affairs through her participation in consecutive protests that the Iraqi people do against the Iraqi government since 2003 until now. She has experiences in journalism writing in political and social affairs since 2004 until now on different platforms some of which are electronic and some printed, and through her Facebook profile. In addition to personal experiences in making visual content, such as films and reports about various humanitarian, social, and political issues, and through supervising student work and participating in student festivals held at media universities in Baghdad. She has academic research contributions to conferences, workshops, and seminars related to women’s media, new media, and digital media education in Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey, in addition to participating in social, charitable, and academic activities through her work at Al-Farabi University College and her membership in the Arab Federation for Electronic Media, the Media Test Center, and the Pulse of Life volunteer team, and through personal endeavors. She is also contributing to the recent protests in Iraq (independently) with logistical support and by going to protest.