Cecile Khoury

I am a student, completing my BA in psychology at the American University of Beirut. In addition to my BA, I am minoring in women and gender studies. I am currently, the vice president of the Feminist Club, through which I have worked on multiple projects regarding women’s rights, with a special focus on sexual harassment laws, on-campus and off-campus, how to provide a safer space for women. Throughout my undergraduate years, I have worked on multiple research projects that revolve around the psychology of sexuality (with emphasis on women), sexual harassment and sexual harassment laws, and women in the workplace, employability, and workplace environment. I aspire to focus my future research on reproductive justice, sexual and bodily right, sexuality, and how they intersect and exist in different layers. I hope to do so not only through studying it through a psychological lens but also through a radical, socioeconomic, and cultural one.