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اکتبر 2023

The Grants and Finances Consultant position is a consultancy over the span of 8 months that is meant to plan for Kohl and IKP’s next 10 years in terms of financial sustainability. The consultant will think through, then design, a fundraising strategy following feminist anti-capitalist models, as well as financial systems and policies. They will also take over all the processes related to funders and grants, from drafting proposals to meeting with funders to reporting.

آوریل 2023

We live in ecosystems that are threatened with extinction. While the environmental crisis is pervasive and universal, people from the Global South and from poorer contexts bear a disproportionate share of the burden of the degradation of life.

ژانویه 2023

We are pleased to open applications for the Collaborative Writing Circle on “Queer Futures,” organized by Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research.

دسامبر 2022

As we are living the end of world(s), the task of imagining an end to murderous, extractive systems under capitalism continues to be daunting.

ژوئن 2022

How do we create space for queer futurities amidst worsening crises? As alternatives seem to fail, or play into the system’s encroaching power, how do we recover and rebuild as commons? Where to go with our rage and anger? How do we let go of individual survival in favor of resistance and solidarity?

آوریل 2022

What we propose is a first dossier that critically engages with the current practices of formal and informal institutions that look towards creating alternatives. We are mostly concerned with contexts of economic crises/wars, occupation, and securitization, whether in local contexts or transnational. By dossier, we mean a space where contributions are received on an ongoing basis and formatting and style are not bounded. We welcome texts, commentaries, doodles, essays, studies, visuals, podcasts, short videos, among other experimental forms. 

سپتامبر 2021


A Special Issue for Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research, guest-edited by Alina Sajed and Sara Salem.

ژوئیه 2021

With the urgency of transnational organizing, we would like to explore the pedagogies of translating (beyond) borders. We are often trapped in cycles of violence that limit our political action to “responding” to dominant orders and realities. Our radical potential is therefore bound to an existence that can only be articulated in relation to the systems of power we seek to dismantle. How do we leave the languages, contexts, and fields that we are assigned?

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ژوئن 2021

The Communications Strategist is a full-time position and plays a key role in the content creation, management, and distribution of Kohl and IKP’s publications and events. In addition to conveying Kohl and IKP’s politics through communication and outreach strategies, the Communications Strategist is responsible for expanding our reach and exposure, increasing our network of collaborators, building community relations, and diversifying our content in forms and platforms.

مارس 2021

The writing circle will meet online on a weekly basis over the period of two months. During the first two meetings (April 10 and 17), we will alternate between discussions and writing time. The discussions will be a space of solidarity where we can go over our relationship with our writing as we navigate isolation and precarity, and collectively make space for our practice.

مارس 2021

We welcome articles, texts, and art pieces that archive the way we experienced the multiple crises of 2020 and the realities and conditions that led to it, in Lebanon and transnationally, from an intersectional and queer framework.

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دسامبر 2020

Kohl is looking for pieces that archive the ongoing revolts from a queer, feminist, and intersectional perspective. We would like to reflect, collectively and across borders, on what constitutes a revolution, and account for the invisible labor and histories that go into a revolution in the making.