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mars 2021

The writing circle will meet online on a weekly basis over the period of two months. During the first two meetings (April 10 and 17), we will alternate between discussions and writing time. The discussions will be a space of solidarity where we can go over our relationship with our writing as we navigate isolation and precarity, and collectively make space for our practice.

mars 2021

We welcome articles, texts, and art pieces that archive the way we experienced the multiple crises of 2020 and the realities and conditions that led to it, in Lebanon and transnationally, from an intersectional and queer framework.

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décembre 2020

Kohl is looking for pieces that archive the ongoing revolts from a queer, feminist, and intersectional perspective. We would like to reflect, collectively and across borders, on what constitutes a revolution, and account for the invisible labor and histories that go into a revolution in the making. 

novembre 2020

Multiple terminologies were recently introduced into Arabic to convey feminist theories. As a result, the dilemmas around maintaining and conveying gendered issues in Arabic were not solely grammatical. They were also and especially concerned with these terminologies’ compatibility with, and efficiency in conveying, gendered issues in modern theories in Arabic as well as the multitudes of dialects spoken in the region.

septembre 2020

For this issue of Kohl, we are looking for papers that understand queer theory as part of our histories, collective memory, and feminist futures. We are interested in challenging the boundaries of where theory originates from, and disrupting the notion that our queer knowledges are consumable rather than creative and productive. 

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juin 2020

Pour ce numéro commun de Kohl et DAWN, For this special issue of Kohl and DAWN, nous nous intéressons particulièrement aux travaux qui traitent de la justice pour les personnes handicapé.e.s comme indissociables des luttes pour la justice sociale, et qui cherchent à trouver des liens entre les mouvements sur la sexualité et ceux de la justice pour les personnes handicapé.e.s (ou ce qu’on appelle en anglais Disability Justice).

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mai 2020


Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Application Deadline: Sunday, May 10, 2020

Type of contract: Full-time

août 2019

We are pleased to open applications for the Queer Feminisms Writing Workshop organized by Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research. The workshop will lay the groundwork for our June 2020 issue on the same theme.

juillet 2019

Pour ce numéro de Kohl, nous recherchons des articles centrés sur les théories féministes, queer et intersectionnelles qui exposent les tensions existantes entre les différentes formes d’organisation dans la région MENA: institutionnelle, non gouvernementale et de base. Nous sommes également intéressées par les articles qui considèrent les tensions au sein des mouvements féministes de la région MENA comme des possibilités de responsabilisation et de renforcement des mouvements.

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mai 2019

The Community and Communications Manager is a full-time position and plays a key role in the content creation, management, and distribution of Kohl and IKP’s publications and events. In addition to conveying their ethos through online communication and outreach strategies, the Community and Communications Manager is responsible of implementing offline strategies to promote our work to the public and anchor it in local movements. As the first point of contact for our audiences, the Community and Communications Manager will develop professional and personal relationships with our funders as well as the communities and movements we are part of, and be responsible of improving the public engagement with our content.

mai 2019

We are pleased to invite abstracts for the Alternative Economies conference organized by Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research. The conference is a follow-up to our June 2019 issue on Organizing Against the Tide: Alternative Economies and Gendered Labor; it will be held over two days, Friday, June 21, and Saturday, June 22, 2019, and will take place at Mansion in Beirut, Lebanon. The two days will includes discussions and presentations by authors who have published in the upcoming June issue, in addition to other interventions from contributors and researchers working in the field.

février 2019

Nous sommes heureuses de vous inviter à envoyer vos articles pour le neuvième numéro de de Kohlla Revue de Recherche sur le Corps et le Genre, dont la publication est prévue pour Juin 2019. Nous encourageons particulièrement les jeunes militant.e.s, indépendant.e.s, étudiant.e.s diplômé.e.s, et nouveaux/elles diplômé.e.s à postuler. Nous accueillons volontiers tout article venant de la part de contributeurs influents dans le domaine.

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