Akanksha Mehta

Dr Akanksha Mehta is a feminist educator, researcher, writer, photographer, and organiser. She is a Lecturer in Gender, Race and Cultural Studies and the co-director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. Akanksha’s teaching, within and beyond the university, examines critical knowledge productions on race and racism, gender and sexuality, disability, violence, colonialism and empire, resistance, protest, and political mobilisations. She writes about pedagogy, activism, care, institutions, and higher education. Her broader research uses narrative writing, ethnographic methods, visual practice, and feminist, queer, crip, postcolonial theory to examine the gendered, sexed, and racialised workings of everyday political mobilisations, violence, settler colonialism, and nationalism. She is currently finishing a monograph based on her ethnographic research with right-wing women in the Hindu Nationalist movement in India and Israeli Zionist Settler project in Palestine. She can be found on Twitter as @AjeebAurat.