Jessika Khazrik

Jessika Khazrik is an indisciplinary composer, artist, technologist, writer and educatress. She works with a trans-millennial production of knowledge based on an environmental understanding of the techno-politics of voice, media and code. While tracing the history, political economy and myths of discipline, her indisciplinary practice revolves around the collective search and need for polymathic resonance, environmental remediation and healing in the 20th-21st century and long-term future. Khazrik holds BAs in Linguistics and in Theatre from the Lebanese University(LB) and a MS in Art, Culture and Technology from MIT(US) where she was awarded the Ada Lovelace prize. Her multi-channel sound installations and performances have been commissioned by Para Site(HK), Kunsthalle Wien(AT), LACE(US), Muzeum Sztuki(PL) and ar/ge kunst(IT), among others. Her essays and short stories have been published in edited anthologies and multiple publications including Bidayat Journal(LB), Zweikommasieben(CH), MadaMasr(EG), The Funambulist(FR) and Ibraaz(US). She tours internationally as a musician, performance maker and DJ and is currently a fellow at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Health(2022-23) and If I Can’t Dance(2022-23) and guest faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg and the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel.