Maisan Hamdan

A social, feminist, and political activist (nonpartisan), Maisan Hamdan studied media for one year at Emek Yizrael Academic College, before transferring to the University of Haifa to study Arabic Language and Literature and East Asian Studies. She has led groups through Baladna Association for Arab Youth, and Youth Leadership program, and projects against violence in Palestinian society. She also led groups within Arab schools as a part of The Committee for Educational Guidance for Arab Students. She is a founding member of “Urfod – Refuse, Your People Will Protect You,” a people’s movement against mandatory military service of young Palestinian Druze, offering legal and moral support to those refusing it, raising awareness to reinforce a Palestinian identity to end the existing divide between one people, and hoping to create a different reality and a shared story. She is active on multiple fronts: she is a board member of Baladna Association for Arab Youth and an activist in alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society.