The Fabric of the Grid: Your Social Interactions are Sewing the Seams

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Dramatic Hand is a practice of constant questioning of the dynamics at play between culture, media and their technologies, the embodied self and lived experience, and the Other. Focusing on technology taken in its broadest definition as cultural tools, as evolutionary companions and instigators, and extensions of our perception.

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Dramatic Hand. "The Fabric of the Grid: Your Social Interactions are Sewing the Seams". Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research Vol. 7 Non. 3 (21 janvier 2022): pp. -. (Last accessed on 17 avril 2024). Available at:

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Dramatic Hand

The body is defined by its pinning on a grid. The grid is conceived as an appositional framework of culturally constructed significations; gender, race, and sexuality – all is already coded into the ideological master structure.

The grid incites imaginaries of time as active and space as passive, which evokes past, present, and future, offering coordinates for locating identities.

However, subjects are nodal points in a complex circulation of power potentials rather than unique sites from which to lodge political action. Subjectivity cannot be located on a grid of identity.