Inhabiting Atypical Bodies and Minds

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Aude Nasr (Aboul-Nasr) is an illustrator and photographer based in Paris, France. She works with independent media in the Middle-Est and Europe, illustrating voices that thrive to give a more relevant, accurate and critical understanding of the changes operating in the region, within diasporas, and among the communities she belongs to. She has also worked alongside various grassroots NGOs that are committed to defending on the rights of marginalized communities. And sometimes, she simply explores nocturnal imageries and expresses her melancholy and that of her people.

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Aude Nasr. "Inhabiting Atypical Bodies and Minds". Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research Vol. 6 Non. 2 (23 novembre 2020): pp. -. (Last accessed on 17 juin 2024). Available at:

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الاهتداء الى موضع العلّة

   Locating sickness

Aude Nasr

Oppressions intersect in as many ways as there are people, and though life experiences can sound similar, what characterizes us as humans is also the way we create our own, distinct worlds out of these experiences – and how we inhabit non-conforming bodies and minds.

While illustrating these stories, what was important to me was to tune into the emotions emerging from each one of their characters and protagonists, along with their personal and intimate experience of living at the intersection of disability/sickness, and other aspects of their lives that are subject to marginalization.

I believe we will always need to be creating new imaginaries for ourselves, and for our stories – whether we use words, sounds, or images – especially if people like us have been little or badly represented. I hope these illustrations contribute to underlining the imaginaries and beauty of their narrators. Thank you to Ghiwa and the whole team for giving me the change to illustrate for them.