Tears in the Fabric

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Skinsells is an art project that focuses on topics of friendship, banality, and being a person. They are inspired by the world, and you, and everything else.

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Skinsells. "Tears in the Fabric". Kohl: a Journal for Body and Gender Research Vol. 6 Non. 1 (01 juin 2020): pp. -. (Last accessed on 21 juin 2024). Available at: https://kohljournal.press/fr/node/227.

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Tears in the fabric.png

Tears in the fabric


The illustrations portray a single organic body, representing a community or organization. In each illustration, we see this body interact with itself in a different manner, with hands branching out into different directions, mouths in conversation or disagreement, parts coming together to create something new, or moulding into something different altogether. These branches and tears in the fabric of the body represent the tensions within a community, that which fosters multiple ideologies under its title, that clash or learn from each other, which may reform and grow into something evolved, or may separate from the group, no longer identifying with the whole.


Image 1 – Tears in the fabric


Image 2 – Internal Clash


Image 3 – Straying


Image 4 – Reform / Through the Cracks