Jasmin Lilian Diab

Jasmin Lilian Diab is a Canadian-Lebanese researcher, author, manager and consultant in the areas of Conflict, Migration, Refugee and Gender Studies. She is a Research Associate at the AUB Global Health Institute at the American University of Beirut, working under their Research for Health in Conflict Project's Political Economy of Health workstream. She is also the MENA Regional Focal Point on Migration of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth. She is the former Research and Project Manager at the Lebanese Research Center for Migration and Diaspora Studies of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Notre Dame University-Louaize. In other capacities, Diab served as the former Editor of the ‘International Journal for Arts and Politics’, a journal published by the Global Arts and Politics Alliance in Austria between 2017 and 2019 to which she also served as Head of Think Tank. Diab is completing a PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy at the School of Advanced International and Political Studies (HEIP) in France.