Saly El Wazze

Saly El Wazze is always asked why her name isn’t spelled as Sally and she enjoys giving a different answer every time. She spent 4 years pursuing a degree in marketing until she realized that her pursuit was after a stranger’s life and not her own. Saly now enjoys talks of secret power dynamics, consumerism, and tasteful ads, but not in the cliché “business woman turned anti- capitalist” way. Almost done with her masters’ degree in sociology, she hopes to gradually build the courage to become a proper activist or a world traveler. Organizations she hopes she has left an impact on include Asfari institute, among others, Embrace, AIESEC, Azadea, JoeFish, Red Cross Youth, and AUB, and she is always open for more. Her favorite things are music that moves you, all kinds of cake, afternoon tea, ice cream, and directly addressing the reader by the second-person “you” when least expected.