Y.S.K. Prerana is a Gender Studies student at Sussex University, UK, and has had a privileged 21 years of consumerism and complacency. When he is not getting bothered by gender based themes, he likes to pen/feel/think of poetry which involves reading into and fantasizing about Individuals of any kind. At this particular phase, they are fascinated with the body in cinema (Indian -Bollywood, specifically), and so wish to embark on an exploration of gendered language and body through a visual medium very soon. As you can gather, it doesn’t have a pronoun of choice, but she wouldn’t mind being called he/they/it depending on others’ convenience and perception of them- which of course depicts how much of a liberal his life has made her into.
You can reach them at: yskprerana@gmail.com if you have any suggestions/opinions/ conversations to be made with him