Feminist Revolutionaries

Thursday, 31 December, 2020

Call for Contributions


Following our social media statement on the current revolution taking place in Lebanon, we are officially opening our platform to feminists wishing to write and reflect about unfolding revolutions. We are pleased to receive submissions about historical and current feminist organizing in revolutionary times, from Lebanon to Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Kurdistan, West Asia and North Africa in general, and the Global South.

While we have been observing the general strike in Lebanon, we are committed to feminist knowledge archiving and creation and consider them to be the foundation of our work on the ground. Therefore, Kohl is looking for pieces that archive the ongoing revolts from a queer, feminist, and intersectional perspective. We would like to reflect, collectively and across borders, on what constitutes a revolution, and account for the invisible labor and histories that go into a revolution in the making. We would also like to document what feminist organizing looks like in revolutionary times, and trace our personal/collective/political narratives as feminists. Additionally, we are looking into providing critical readings and analyses on state, mainstream, or alternative discourses and strategies, as well as reconciling our political imaginaries when faced with cooptation, intimidation, and failed potential. We are open to testimonies, essays, interviews, artistic and opinion pieces, as well as various forms of media. We encourage workers and students to contribute to this collective effort of preserving revolutionary knowledges and molding our political imaginaries.

Please send your piece to submit@kohljournal.press as a .doc or .docx file, with “Submission on the Revolution” as the subject of your e-mail. We are accepting pieces on a rolling basis. For your contribution to be published within this year, please make sure to make your submission by December 6, 2019. After that date, while we will keep our platform open to continue covering the ongoing revolutions, we will only be able to gradually update the publication with new material.

In revolution,
The Kohl Team