Roua Seghaier

Roua graduated from AUB with a degree in Political Studies, Transitional Justice, and Human Rights. She worked as a journalist, having a weekly opinion column in a Tunisian leftist newspaper, the Voice of the People, as well as in Tunisia Live, the first national English speaking media, covering the news of the revolution and the transitional period. In 2014, she published her first novel, Memory of the Pavement, which won the Arab Creativity Award in Literature of 2015 by the Arab Thought Foundation. In Lebanon, she has been volunteering for over four years in NGOs on Migrant Domestic Workers Rights. Roua worked as well as a junior Political Development Consultant at Beyond Reform and Development. At BRDI, she worked on developing social enterprises in the Arab World, was part of the creation of online courses on active citizenship, and drafted a reform proposal to the Lebanese Parliament on Domestic Violence and Spousal Rape. She holds a two years fellowship on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and is a cofounder of the Gender and Sexuality Club at AUB.