Alternative Economies Conference

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Overthrowing the current economic system has been a core mobilizer in revolutionary discourse against the status quo, but how does that happen? What are the overlaps of patriarchy and capitalism? What type of labor is valued under the current economy? How does it translate in the practice of our organizing for social and feminist justice? How can we think of gender and class disparities among queer bodies? 

At the Alternative Economies Conference, we begin to answer these questions and others. In this conference, which is an extension of Kohl’s summer 2019 issue, we discuss various topics including: labour and migrant domestic work, movement-building and access to resources, the economies of medical patriarchy, and feminist organizing around economic justice.

Join us on June 21-22, 2019 at Mansion Beirut for Kohl's Alternative Economies Conference.  

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Kohl is the main publication of Intersectional Knowledge Publishers (IKP).
This conference is in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Middle East Office, Beirut.


Friday: Laying Ground

Opening session

Theorizing Alternative Economies
Speakers: Shereen Abouelnaga, Dana Dawud, Menna Agha, Marta Music

Critiquing Neoliberal Policies and Norms
Speakers: Saada Allaw, Farah Al Shami, Viviane Akiki, Muneira Hoballah

Lunch by Mariam’s Kitchen

Practicing Dissent through Art, Activism, and Urbanism
Speakers: Azza Zein, Farah Baba, Jana Nakhal, Mirella Salameh

Building Movements and Access to Resources (roundtable discussion)
Speakers: A Project, Knowledge Workshop, Rahel Zegeye, Naya Rajab, Felogene Anumo

An evening with Sidewalk Beirut on Alternative Economies at Aspasia 


Saturday: Shifting Intersections

Labour and Migrant Domestic Work
Speakers: Julia, Delphine, Yasmine Kherfi, Gabriela Barcelos

The Economies of Medical Patriarchy
Speakers: Hiba Abbani, Rola Yasmine, Nayla Doughane, Hanan Awada

Lunch by Mariam’s Kitchen

Roots in Rurality, Environment, and Land
Speakers: May Makki, Ala’a Shehabi & Ana Tomicic, Meriam Mabrouk

Feminist Organizing around Economic Justice (discussion)
Speakers: Dammeh, Cecile Khoury (Feminist Club at AUB)

Closing remarks